Couples Counselling

The strength and quality of any relationship between two people is based upon honesty and an understanding of each other’s needs. These emotional building blocks nurture trust and a sense of feeling valued. When there is a breakdown of these core principles, it deeply affects both parties and their sense of stability within the relationship can consequently suffer.

Glister Couples Counselling creates the time and space for you to identify the key issues that are affecting your relationship. By exploring your patterns of behaviour, Glister facilitates ways in which you can positively resolve your difficulties by improving your communication skills, thereby enhancing your understanding of each other’s needs.

Even if your partner is not present, you can still work through your interpersonal issues with a counsellor.

It is common for a partner to not attend relationship counselling, and if you are living with a partner who is violent towards you, or behaves in a way that leaves you feeling intimidated, or if you are unable to feel in control of your life, then attending counselling without your partner is advised.

Women can get support and help from Woman’s Aid by calling 0808 2000 247 or visiting their website at . Men can contact Men’s Advice Line on 0808 801 0327 or visit


Couples Counselling – £55 per session

Single Counselling – £45 per session

There are a range of reasons why people seek Couples

Counselling these include –

  • A betrayal of trust –  extra-marital affair, debt or secret
  • The desire for intimacy has gone or there are sexual difficulties
  • Continuous arguments without resolution
  • Family and step-family issues
  • You or your partner have withdrawn from the relationship
  • Physical and mental health issues are having a negative impact
  • You are grieving and unable to focus on your relationship
  • There are commitment issues
  • You are considering ending your relationship
  • Pre-marital counselling

“Hi Kerry, just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for what you have done for both of us. Although we were a little apprehensive about what counselling might have to offer us, it has brought us on a journey which has made us even stronger than we ever imagined. We thought we had previously had a strong, stable relationship and then when we hit the difficult times it all fell apart and we never thought we would get back what we had. We had both sort of come to terms with the fact that maybe we could fix the hole but that it would always have cracks. This is not the case: your help and guidance has made our relationship the best it has ever been. We are stronger than we have ever been. We appreciate each other now and take time to understand things from one another’s point of view. Since we last saw you we have been faced with a couple of challenging situations and we have worked through them together using what you have taught us. Our work colleagues have also commented on how this experience has made a positive change to both of us, but most of all the difference this has made to our daughter – she is the happiest she has ever been seeing her mummy and daddy happy together and all 3 of us are enjoying every spare moment we have together as a family, which is just the best! Thank you for what you have done. It is very much appreciated and it is hard to express in words just how much you have done for us. THANK YOU x.”

CoupleTyne and Wear, England

If you have an enquiry about our couples counselling service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.