Employment Assistance & Private Health Cover

If your employer provides health cover or if you have your own private policy, the cost of your appointments could be covered by your insurance company. You would need to contact your provider to confirm their criteria and then request to be assigned to Kerry Quigley. Kerry is an approved affiliate with the following insurance companies – see logos below. For contact details and further information please click on your health insurance provider’s logo.

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“When I first approached our Employee Assistance Program, it was because I was having difficulties in my relationship with my husband and felt like I was in a downward spiral of destruction. I was instigating and exacerbating problems which would then degenerate into bigger problems. In my opinion, everything else was OK. My mum had passed away about 6 weeks earlier and my mind hadn’t made the logical link that the two were related and that my feelings about losing my mum were causing ‘blurred vision’ of things around me. Whilst I had read about what grief does to you, I always believed I was a ‘tangible’ person, and that I could compartmentalise feelings whilst getting on with everyday activities. In retrospect, I was functioning at work, role-playing being a mum and pretty much destroying my marriage. Talking to you made me realise I wasn’t this emotional void, but that perhaps I hadn’t read the instruction manual. I didn’t know what the emotions I experienced were called, how I could identify them in me and, more importantly, how I should deal with them. You gave me perspective in what I thought were big issues, gave me strength to look at the things I had previously shut away and showed me how to recognise the cause of the current ‘blurred vision’. From this, I gave myself permission to grieve. You helped me recognise my strengths and work on the emotional weaknesses to reach a more balanced approach to addressing conflict and upset. I’m still a work in progress, but I feel I’ve got better tools to do the job, and a few notes worth referring back to if I lose my way again! I’m not sure if any of this will be useful for your testimonies – either way, it’s an honest review of how I feel and a reiteration of my thanks for working with me.”

VictoriaNorth East, England

If you have an enquiry about employment assistance or private health cover, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.