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“Firstly would like to thank you again for helping me through my separation and giving me the counselling that was required to help me cope better with my life. I have certainly never been as challenged and as hurt in my life and hope you will feel proud that your professional approach helped me through that bad time. Over the Christmas period in 2012 I found out my wife had feelings for someone else and we separated. We had been together for 30 years. It was the worst period in my life and I had never felt pain and hurt like I was feeling at that time. I had an opportunity to have counselling through the NHS but it was mostly self-help through reading internet pages. I felt this would not help me. I started counselling with Kerry in early February and I was willing to try anything to help me. Through the sessions that followed, I slowly began to understand my feelings better and why I was feeling the way I was. I was made to feel comfortable and slowly began to be able to cope with my problem. As the sessions continued I found I was able to continue my life without the level of anguish that I originally felt. We constantly reviewed my situation and I felt re-assured that I was in a better place and had handled my problem in the best way for me. I am now able to cope a lot better since my counselling and hopefully will be able to have a happy, normal life.”

KeithGateshead, England

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